Week of 5/5-5/11

Greetings, Internet! I hope everyone is staying as safe and sane as can be. This week, I went to my first drag show (although it was more of a show + book signing), watched “Jeopardy! Masters,” and watched new episodes of “The Mandalorian.” Daily summaries below!

May 5, 2023

  • Happy Cinco de Mayo!
  • Er, does this mean that covid is over?
  • Worked out with an SCI trainer!
  • Went to get tacos at my favorite taco place, and margaritas.
  • I love tacos.
  • Drunk shopped for cookies at a nearby speciality food store.
  • I love cookies.
  • Was going to do some dissertation work, but my laptop started to fritz and it took way too long for me to calm it down.
  • Huzzah for the Mets finally winning a game!
  • Wordle: In four!
  • Currently feeling: Hmm, I should probably update my laptop OS.
  • Currently looping: Spotify DJ.

May 6, 2023

  • My digestive system is mad at me again.
  • <sobs>
  • Did the bike anyway.
  • <more sobbing>
  • My boyfriend’s here! He brought much needed hugs.
  • We watched another episode of “The Dropout.” So. Messed. Up.
  • Currently feeling: My boyfriend is optimistic that things will get better. I very much want to share in this optimism.
  • Currently looping: Spotify DJ.

May 7, 2023

  • Digestive system is being more cooperative today, thank goodness.
  • My boyfriend was all, “Let’s go outside, it’s so nice out!” The Mets were about to lose, so I was like, “Yeah, I should leave my apartment.” So we went to a park we hadn’t been to before. It was super crowded and he was like, “Gah, people.”
  • So we took a selfie being derps.
  • Side note, if you’ve ever been to Bryant Park, it is so not wheelchair friendly. There are no entrances for wheelchairs on the west side of the park, which is so sad, because that’s where the waffle cart is.
  • We went back to my apartment, and I was trying to get my peppermill working (which is not a euphemism for anything, I literally have a peppermill that has been broken for days). My boyfriend took one look at it and was like, “You put too many peppercorns in it.” So then he removed half of the peppercorns, and it was fixed.
  • And now we have ground pepper. Huzzah!
  • We started watching “Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing,” because it’s a show his dad likes, and they just added a cash prize to the game. I am oddly fascinated by all these survivalists, and wondering, like, what on earth possessed them to do this show prior to the cash prize?
  • Currently feeling: ‘Twas a lovely and lazy Sunday.
  • Currently looping: No music today.

May 8, 2023

  • So many phone calls and emails today. So many.
  • Therapy! Catching up because I hadn’t had a therapy session in like, a month.
  • “Jeopardy! Masters” is pretty fun, not gonna lie. But when is Amy Schneider going to compete against Ken Jennings? Like, why doesn’t that show exist? Or what about that time when they were doing all those guest host rotations? Can they all play against each other?
  • My boyfriend had to work late, so I made dinner. And I’m not as good at cooking as my boyfriend is, so we ended up with turkey burgers and sautéed mushrooms and onions.
  • But then he worked so late that by the time he could take a break, his food was cold and the bun I had toasted for him was hard as a rock.
  • Nevertheless, he ate, and said it was good.
  • Currently feeling: I should try to make dinner more often. It took me like, twenty minutes to slice 1.5 onions, so I should really get some more practice in.
  • Currently looping: Spotify’s “Twee” playlist.

May 9, 2023

  • Went to Push to Walk! Got to go outside a bit and armcycle about.
  • Followed by bubble tea, because of course.
  • Got dinner with a friend and then went to go see SASHA VELOUR (winning of RPDR, season nine).
  • My friend said it was very tame for a drag show (after all, it was a book event), but I’m excited to eventually go to a proper show at like, a bar.
  • I got a copy of her book, and SHE SIGNED IT. [Featured picture!]
  • As my friend put it, “We said words to Sasha Velour. And she said words back.”
  • BUT ACTUALLY. SASHA VELOUR SAID WORDS TO US. And I got to tell her that the friend who came with me got me into RPDR.
  • Currently looping: Not much music today.

May 10, 2023

  • Dentist appointment! No cavities, so, huzzah!
  • How is it that there isn’t a single wheelchair-accessible restroom in the entire building where my dentist has an office?
  • I suppose that’s what Starbucks is for?
  • Found out that I faxed a bunch of my medical history to the wrong number. Lol.
  • Worked out with an SCI trainer!
  • Dang, “Jeopardy! Masters” continues to be awesome.
  • Currently feeling: I haven’t worked on my dissertation in a while, but I’ve been getting other stuff done, so at least there’s that?
  • Currently looping: My top songs from 2022.

May 11, 2023

  • Did the FES cycle and watched another episode of “The Mandalorian.” I think it’s the best season yet.
  • My mother’s here! She brought bubble tea.
  • And my sister sent over cream puffs for Mother’s Day.
  • <om nom nom>
  • Dang, I missed the Mets game.
  • Oh, they lost. Again. They’re slumping pretty early this season.
  • How is it over eighty degrees outside? It’s early May.
  • I don’t understand the weather.
  • Currently feeling: Didn’t get much done today dissertation-wise, but I’m planning to move out of my apartment soon (for repair stuff), so it’s hard to juggle the dissertation with moving logistics.
  • Currently looping: Taylor Swift’s “Cornelia Street,” live from Paris. Because the studio recording is so poppy sounding, I didn’t realize how sad the song actually is. And now that I know it’s sad, I love listening to it. Which is weird, I know. Is there a piano version of this? That would be awesome.

Thanks so much for reading! Stay safe, stay sane, and go see a drag show!

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