Self-Isolation Diaries – Week 111

Greetings, Internet! I hope everyone’s staying as safe and sane as can be. This week, I started using an air fryer, submitted my re-enrollment application, and watched hella Mets games. Daily summaries below!

Day Seven Hundred and Seventy-One (4/22/22)

  • Went to Push to Walk! It was nice out, so I got to do a bit more arm cycling.
  • My mother got an air fryer, but wanted me to hold onto it for a few months, so now I have an air fryer.
  • Aaand I promptly burned sweet potato fries in the air fryer.
  • Whoops.
  • At least I didn’t burn chicken nuggets in the air fryer (yup, that was the next tester item).
  • Huzzah for watching the Mets with my not-really-a-fan-of-baseball-yet boyfriend!
  • Wordle: In two!
  • Currently feeling: I mean, can’t beat a Friday night watching baseball on the couch with awesome company.
  • Currently looping: The sounds of the SNY broadcasters.

Day Seven Hundred and Seventy-Two (4/23/22)

  • My boyfriend’s quest is to get me out of my apartment more often, because I’m that much of a hermit.
  • So we went to K-Town for bubble tea. Mmm, boba. My boyfriend insists that it tastes like a milkshake.
  • And then we went clothes shopping.
  • More cooking with the air fryer!
  • And more baseball! Except the Mets lost. Sadness.
  • Wordle: In four!
  • Currently feeling: I went outside! This guy is a remarkably good influence on my vitamin D levels.
  • Currently looping: The chaotic sounds of Herald Square.

Day Seven Hundred and Seventy-Three (4/24/22)

  • My boyfriend and I went outside again! We left the apartment with no agenda, got on a bus, and then ended up at a movie theater to watch the new Nicolas Cage movie. Highly recommend.
  • Wow, I can’t believe I went outside two days in a row and did fun things. Is this what weekends are supposed to feel like?
  • I didn’t even open my laptop for much of the weekend.
  • Wordle: In five!
  • Currently feeling: My workaholism has taken a hit, for sure. But wow, is this what having a life feels like? I mean, don’t get me wrong, this week is going to be full of writing and researching, but gosh, it’s nice to know that a proper weekend can be awesome.
  • Currently looping: Billie Eilish’s performance of “Happier Than Ever” from the Grammys. I think I prefer her removing the swear words than putting in cleaner lyrics.

Day Seven Hundred and Seventy-Four (4/25/22)

  • Did the FES cycle. Got to chat with my sister a bit and plot food things (the best kind of plotting).
  • Music hangout! Started writing a new tune ^_^
  • What’s that? An Ed School that discriminated against students with disabilities? What an effing shock. We all know how I feel about the hypocrisy of Ed Schools (and if you don’t, the SparkNotes edition is that I think Ed Schools love patting themselves on the back for virtue signaling, while doing no tangible work, at least with regard to higher education).
  • Went outside!
  • Sent emails, which took way too long.
  • Okay, this Nets game is INTENSE. But alas. There’s always next season.
  • Phoneday! =) My boyfriend is getting used to our calls in which I will pause mid-sentence to shout something at the Mets game. “Wow, you’re such a jock.”
  • Omg, the Mets scored five unearned runs in the top of the ninth to win the game 5-2. What is this sorcery?!
  • Yeah, I’m a jock.
  • Wordle: In three!
  • Currently feeling: Oof, I was supposed to work on an article, but there are only so many hours in the day. And I am a very slow writer of emails.
  • Currently looping: Gotye and Kimbra’s live performance of “Somebody That I Used to Know.” That’s right, this song has somehow made a comeback into my music rotation.

Day Seven Hundred and Seventy-Five (4/26/22)

  • Went to Push to Walk! Alas, the weather was too gray and chilly for handcycling.
  • Anyone else following Mattea Roach’s run on “Jeopardy!”? She’s twenty-three years old and a sixteen-day champion. Twenty-three!! Goodness, what a boss.
  • Also, there was a Middle Ages category on “Jeopardy!” and it had a shocking number of clues about the early Middle Ages (like, four out of five?).
  • Omg, someone in my history cohort is defending their dissertation in two weeks. Dang. And here I am trying to get a rough draft done before 2023. I know we’re all on different timelines, but still.
  • Worked a bit more on this article.
  • Dang, Mets defense looking good! Also, WTF is with these pitchers hitting my Mets?!
  • I also feel like a bad hockey fan because I literally had to look up when the playoffs begin (next Monday).
  • Phoneday! =)
  • Wordle: In three!
  • Currently feeling: I really need to sort out funding for next year.
  • Currently looping: LeAnn Rimes’ live rendition of “How Do I Live,” which was only from last year and is incredible.

Day Seven Hundred and Seventy-Six (4/27/22)

  • So. Much. Writing. But the (very) rough draft is finished!
  • Watched another episode of “Moon Knight.” I mean, I love Oscar Isaac, so I’ll keep watching.
  • We’re out of the “pandemic phase”? Should I keep up with these “self-isolation diaries,” then?
  • Aaand the Mets lost, but that was a solid brawl. Seriously, these pitchers have to stop hitting my Mets!
  • Mattea Roach continues her “Jeopardy!” streak!
  • My boyfriend’s here! We really like watching reruns of “Judge Steve Harvey.”
  • Wordle: Whoops.
  • Currently feeling: Got a decent amount done today! Huzzah! But still so much more to do, although that’s to be expected.
  • Currently looping: The Postal Service’s live performance of “Nothing Better.”

Day Seven Hundred and Seventy-Seven (4/28/22)

  • Did the FES cycle.
  • Completed re-enrollment after speaking with one of the awesome History administrators.
  • Started editing a draft that I finished yesterday. Oof, this may take a while.
  • Therapy!
  • Printed out things to submit for health insurance. Also found out that while my gynecologist’s office takes my insurance, certain providers (including her) don’t. So that was a fun bill to open.
  • Yeah, Mattea! Dang, that Final “Jeopardy!” was as close to a nailbiter as I’ve seen in a while.
  • Phoneday! =)
  • Wordle: In five!
  • Currently feeling: Got a lot done today! And I think I’m on track to finish editing this article? Or I’ll keep reviewing it and realize I’m no longer a fan and then substantially rewrite it. We shall see.
  • Currently looping: Of Monsters and Men’s “Empire.”

Thanks so much for reading! Stay safe, be wary of the pandemic still, and enjoy your weekends!

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