Self-Isolation Diaries – Week 108

Greetings, Internet! I hope everyone is staying as sane as can be. This week, I worked on a couple of articles, recovered from the more minor procedure, and guest taught an undergraduate seminar. Daily summaries below!

Day Seven Hundred and Fifty (4/1/22)

  • Happy April Fools?
  • Feeling okay post-op, surprisingly. I shall be cautiously optimistic.
  • Therapy!
  • Caught up with a former boss (well, she’a a forever boss), and got to air our grievances about disability services in higher education.
  • Did some laundry.
  • Wordle: Whoops.
  • Currently feeling: Cautiously optimistic?
  • Currently looping: Regina Spektor’s songs.

Day Seven Hundred and Fifty-One (4/2/22)

  • Did the FES cycle.
  • My mother met my boyfriend in person. I think it went well?
  • Dang, this UNC-Duke game is intense.
  • Phoneday =)
  • Wordle: In three!
  • Currently feeling: Now to attend to all the school things because it seems like the procedure things have calmed down for now <knocks on wood>. Eep, I am so behind on things.
  • Currently looping: Regina Spektor’s songs.

Day Seven Hundred and Fifty-Two (4/3/22)

  • Drainage isn’t looking too terrible post wound-clean, so, huzzah for that!
  • Caught up on “Outlander”! Also had tea and a hot cross bun. Mmm.
  • Finally finished watching Oscar Isaac’s SNL episode. It’s amazing, especially Aidy Bryant’s sketch.
  • Revised an article.
  • Caught up with a college friend!
  • Watching reruns of Mets Spring Training while bemoaning DeGrom’s injury.
  • Phoneday =)
  • Wordle: In three!
  • Currently feeling: Pretty productive day, but there’s still eleventy billion things to do.
  • Currently looping: Regina Spektor’s “Call Them Brothers” (feat. Only Son).

Day Seven Hundred and Fifty-Three (4/4/22)

  • Did the FES cycle.
  • Submitted a revised article. We shall see what the editor says.
  • Zoom call with three editors for another article. It was more like a pitch meeting, and I’m excited to contribute to something that focuses more on disability services and higher education administration.
  • Phoneday =)
  • Caught up with a friend and listened to a talk she’s going to give in about a week. Then I ran a bit of my lesson plan by her.
  • Wordle: In four!
  • Currently feeling: So many academic projects! How did all this happen? Not that I’m complaining.
  • Currently looping: Spiritibox performed live last month after Courtney LaPlante recovered from covid. She still sounds like a boss, and I’m so glad she’s feeling better.

Day Seven Hundred and Fifty-Four (4/5/22)

  • Tidied the apartment a bit.
  • Did some lesson prep.
  • Did some returns. Then went to Venchi and got hella chocolate. The selection there is amazing. They have two types of tiramisu chocolate! Two! (And yes, I will be sending some to my sister.)
  • Met up with the boyfriend and wandered around Union Square. Then watched “Judge Steve Harvey” (yes, the show, and it’s hilarious).
  • Wordle: Whoops.
  • Currently feeling: Probably need to do more prep tomorrow, but so far so good?
  • Currently looping: Jon Batiste’s “We Are.”

Day Seven Hundred and Fifty-Five (4/6/22)

  • Did the FES cycle.
  • My mother’s here! She baked maple walnut sticky buns.
  • Therapy!
  • Read through secondary sources for lesson prep. Good grief, I may have given these undergrads really dense theory. I hope they trudged through it all right. Tomorrow, I shall definitely explain things with some scaffolding.
  • Phoneday! =)
  • Wordle: In five!
  • Currently feeling: Nervous to teach! But also, excited to teach?
  • Currently looping: Years ago, the Foo Fighters, Tenacious D, and Slash covered Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.” Um. Amazing.

Day Seven Hundred and Fifty-Six (4/7/22)

  • Went down to Princeton to teach a class on early medieval disability. It was an absolute downpour on the turnpike. So much rain, and so much white-knuckling. Egad.
  • Taught the class! The students were amazing, and the postdoc who let me temporarily steal his class was super supportive and jumped in just the right amount so that I never felt like I was flailing at any point. And I wasn’t super nervous! So there’s that.
  • My mother and I got some Indian food to bring back home. Thankfully the rain was less terrifying on the way back.
  • Phoneday! =)
  • The postdoc who runs the class emailed me to say that the class went really well! I’m so relieved. He also noticed that my energy actually picked up as the three-hour class went on, so huzzah!
  • Wordle: In four!
  • Currently feeling: I’m so happy that the class went well! And I feel so lucky that I was able to introduce early medieval disability history to undergrads ^_^
  • Currently looping: The steady downpour of rain, haha.

Thanks so much for reading! Stay safe, wear a mask, and tune into “Judge Steve Harvey” sometime, haha.

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