Week of 12/30/2022-1/5/2023

Greetings, Internet! I hope everyone’s staying as safe and sane as can be. This week, I sent a chapter draft to my advisor, came up with resolutions for the new year, and watched hella political coverage because what is going on in DC? Daily summaries below!

December 30, 2022

  • I’m about three episodes into “Andor” and I think it’s starting to pick up?
  • Reviewing the dissertation chapter.
  • But also, workout!
  • More review.
  • About to send, but wait! I have to verify one more thing.
  • And sent!
  • But also, after sending, realizing I meant to add something to a footnote. Rats.
  • ALL CHAPTERS DRAFTED. So much to revise now. So so much to revise.
  • Wordle: In five!
  • Currently feeling: The relief that comes with sending a draft to my advisor, coupled with the fear that he might hate it. There’s no winning in a PhD program until the defense is over.
  • Currently looping: “Wrapped,” of course.
  • Reviewing Resolutions!: 7. Attend at least one concert.
    I went to a Yuja Wang concert with my boyfriend back in April. So, yay!

December 31, 2022

  • Did the FES cycle. Watched the next episode of “Andor.” Still fine, but omg, the Waif from GoT is in it!
  • My boyfriend’s here! He brought Chick-fil-a.
  • We’re watching Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton’s NYE show. If you had told me last year that I’d have NYE plans with a boyfriend this year, I’d have rolled my eyes. Like, a lot.
  • Wordle: Whoops.
  • Currently feeling: 2022 was not great on a medical level (what with those two failed procedures), but I still managed to get two dissertation chapter drafts written, so yay for that. I also gave up on dating right as 2021 ended, but figured I’d keep messaging whoever messaged me before 2022 started. You know, until the conversation stopped. Except with one guy, it didn’t stop. And I never want it to. So, that’s the biggest and best surprise of 2022. What was yours?
  • Currently looping: “Wrapped”!
  • Resolutions for 2023!
    1. Write an EP (5-7 songs)
    2. Complete a full rough draft of the dissertation.
    3. Get my driver’s license.
    4. Submit 5+ pitches/applications for things.
    5. Perform live 5+ times.
    6. Go outside at least once per week.
    7. Bake cookies/muffins/brownies 5+ times.

January 1, 2023

  • Happy New Year!
  • Went outside with my boyfriend to check out the new matcha place, and it’s accessible, it’s spacious, and there’s a bathroom. I sense I will be getting tea with many people here (if they like matcha).
  • My boyfriend suggested we get some Popeyes on the way back.
  • <munches happily on fried chicken and biscuits>
  • Healthy New Year’s resolutions? What are those?
  • We wanted to watch a “serious” movie (as opposed to all those Will Ferrell movies we’re fond of), so I was like, “Oh! Let’s watch ‘Roma’!” Because it’s critically acclaimed, it won an Academy Award for cinematography, and the director directed “Gravity” and my favorite “Harry Potter” movie.
  • Folks, “Roma” is depressing AF.
  • We finished watching the movie and were like, “What did we watch?” And we were so sad that we then watched two episodes of “Bob’s Burgers” to balance things out.
  • Next week, we’re watching “Zoolander 2” or the second “Anchorman” movie, or something ridiculously silly.
  • Currently feeling: If you enjoy going to the movies and getting depressed, please explain the appeal. I’ll be over here watching “The Great Muppet Caper.”
  • Currently looping: “Bob’s Burgers,” because joy is necessary for life.

January 2, 2023

  • My boyfriend keeps hyping nuts.com, so I finally placed an order (did you know you can order dark chocolate peanut M&Ms?! And M&Ms of a single color?! Why is this filling me with such joy?!). I am very excited.
  • Worked out with an SCI trainer!
  • On the one hand, I’m like, “Yay! Last chapter turned in!” But then I’m like, “Wait, I need to revise all my chapters now.” Or maybe I could start on my introduction? Conclusion? Should I apply for a dissertation completion fellowship or something?
  • Okay, I’m starting to see the appeal of “Andor.” But also, I’m good with watching one or two episodes a day at most. It’s definitely not as bingeable as “Clone Wars.”
  • Did some vocal straw exercises.
  • I have so much television to catch up on. And also work. Because the work never ends.
  • Oh my goodness, what happened to this football player in the Bills-Bengals game? They’re administering CPR. I see two Bills players crying. There’s an ambulance on the field. I hope they can get him into stable condition.
  • Even the Monday Night Football discussion table doesn’t really know what to say. I missed what happened because I was typing.
  • I know people say, “Oh, football players know what they’re signing up for.” And they do. But it doesn’t change how scary things can get when things happen.
  • This is still just the first quarter?
  • Oh, they’re suspending the game for now. So that the players can take a moment. That seems responsible. The crowd in Cincinnati is cheering the decision.
  • When did this become Monday Night Football play-by-play?
  • Currently feeling: On a completely unrelated note, I’m happy to get some new Spotify stats going!
  • Currently looping: Did you see Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus singing “Wrecking Ball” and “I Will Always Love You” at Miley’s NYE show? Amazing. Also, I hope Miley continues to throw NYE parties and invite Dolly to co-host.

January 3, 2023

  • It’s kind of pouring outside.
  • Went to Push to Walk for the first time in a few weeks! It was a bit scary on the way there, though. My mother and I saw a car run a red light and crash into a car just a few feet away from us. And then a car bumped (nudged?) us from behind. We’re fine, thank goodness, and it looked like whoever was involved in the crash was okay. But still, yikes.
  • We got bubble tea after the workout, because of course.
  • What on earth is happening in DC?
  • Aaand the dissertation completion fellowships I wanted to apply for no longer exist/the deadlines have passed. Go me for being on top of this.
  • Laundry day! So many pants to fold. So many.
  • Wordle: In four!
  • Currently feeling: Grateful for my mother’s vehicle vigilance.
  • Currently looping: No music today.

January 4, 2023

  • Admin day! As in, got stuff done that needed to get done (checking on catheters, rescheduling things, etc.). Super fun.
  • Therapy!
  • Okay, probably could’ve gotten more things done today. I spent a while on an email.
  • Did some vocal exercises and dang, singing straws are the best. I should really break out the guitar at some point though.
  • Wordle: In five!
  • Currently feeling: I think once the post-holiday sales chill out, I’m going to go on a low-buy. I’ll buy groceries and stuff, but maybe I’ll cool it on the bras (I love getting fancy bras on sale, because they actually fit me and are worth the money). 
  • Currently looping: KT Tunstall’s “Drastic Fantastic” album from 2007. Every now and then I come back to this album like, “Dang, this is an unskippable selection of songs.” Seriously underrated.

January 5, 2023

  • Did the FES cycle.
  • They’re doing more voting for Speaking of the House? Again? With the same people? Oof.
  • Went shopping with a friend, and omg, I splurged. I need to be way more responsible for the rest of the month.
  • Went grocery shopping. Also realized that all the time I’ve been taking a Lyft to SoHo, I could’ve been taking the bus. It’s way less expensive, and the bus stops are quite conveniently located (at least, if it’s nice out).
  • Caught up with my bestie! It had been too long.
  • Wordle: Whoops.
  • Currently feeling: It’s been so awesome to catch up with friends, but also, yikes, I’m going to bed at 2am. But also, yay friends!
  • Currently looping: The “Twee” playlist on Spotify. It’s like, just the right amount of mellow.

Thanks so much for reading! Stay safe, happy new year, and let me know if you have any resolutions!

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