Self-Isolation Diaries – Week 126

Greetings, Internet! I hope everyone’s staying as safe and sane as can be. Sorry for the late post (the post meant for this week will not be this delayed). This week (or I suppose “last week” would be more appropriate), I went to my first comic book store, visited a friend at work, and got a refrigerator delivered! Daily summaries below!

Day Eight Hundred and Seventy-Six (8/5/22)

  • Feeling better than I did yesterday, but I definitely still need to see a doctor about this situation.
  • Did a lot of waiting for the refrigerator delivery people to show up (and they did, about thirty minutes after the four-hour delivery window). Dang, I could’ve gone grocery shopping. Although I feel like I’m okay on groceries at the moment.
  • I have a refrigerator! But there’s still a part missing (apparently I was supposed to order handles for the panel? What is this tomfoolery?).
  • Aaaand the Mets got walloped in the first couple of innings. Too bad. If the walloping wasn’t so bad, they would’ve come back.
  • #triotime dinner! It had been too long.
  • Wordle: In five!
  • Currently feeling: Resisted buying doughnuts today, and that feels like a personal food victory. Especially because I finally got to try a new hojicha (like, roasted green tea) hot chocolate today. 
  • Currently looping: Sarah Jarosz’s “Undercurrent” album. It’s so good, everyone.

Day Eight Hundred and Seventy-Seven (8/6/22)

  • Workout!
  • Yay, Mets! Well, yay for game one!
  • I’ve been watching Netflix’s “How to Build a Sex Room” and it’s actually a great primer for sex toys and kink. It’s like HGTV meets a sex shop.
  • Looking through sex toys and equipment, a noticeable number of these would actually be great for use at Push to Walk. I kid you not. Some of these restraint slings would be great for standing bar exercises. I lol’d upon realizing this.
  • Yay, Mets! Gotta love that doubleheader sweep.
  • Wordle: Whoops.
  • Currently feeling: Yay, Mets!
  • Currently looping: A mix of Spotify playlists.

Day Eight Hundred and Seventy-Eight (8/7/22)

  • Watched “Thor: Ragnarok” with the boyfriend.
  • Also watched the Mets! Yay, DeGrom actually got run support!
  • Cooked dinner with the boyfriend! I always feel bad because he does most of the cooking, but this time, we split prep and cooking. Huzzah!
  • And then we watched “Iron Chef” (the original one from Japan), and wow, Japan is like, super racist towards Mexican food. Rude. Also got to FaceTime my niece for a bit during the show (and then she hung up on me, which, lol).
  • Wordle: Whoops.
  • Currently feeling: It was way too hot to go outside today (and thunderstorming), so it was nice to stay in.
  • Currently looping: The cheers of two strikes against anyone facing Jacob DeGrom because DANG.

Day Eight Hundred and Seventy-Nine (8/8/22)

  • Because it takes me three hours to get ready in the morning, I often eat breakfast at the same time my boyfriend eats lunch. Today, he went outside for lunch and wandered around until he found something he wanted. He then returned back to my apartment with a burrito and four tacos (one of which was basically a breakfast burrito).
  • Why yes, I did eat a fish taco for breakfast this morning.
  • And half a breakfast burrito.
  • All after the breakfast that I had already prepared for myself.
  • Because who says no to a fish taco?
  • Worked out. Because I ate first and second breakfast in one fell swoop.
  • RIP to one of the greats. I’ll be singing “Hopelessly Devoted to You” in my apartment, and my neighbors will just have to deal with it.
  • Got a facial! But dang, going outside to get to the esthetician’s place was like five minutes of wandering in a heater.
  • Yay, Mets!
  • Wordle: In five!
  • Currently feeling: It’s really hot outside.
  • Currently looping: A Sarah Jarosz Spotify playlist.

Day Eight Hundred and Eighty (8/9/22)

  • Got up early because I’ve got two doctor’s appointments today.
  • Neurologist appointment to see if there are any clinical trials I might be qualified for. There were none, but it turns out this neurologist was roommates with my undergrad thesis advisor, and we were both like, “WHAAAA?!” when we realized we had that person in common. Small world.
  • Went to my next appointment, but was 2.5 hours early, so I found a nearby comic store and wandered around. It was only a three-block detour, but it was SO HOT.
  • Four comic books later, I was out in the heat again, and then sought refuge in a place with burgers and lemonade.
  • Mmm…lemonade.
  • The second doctor’s appointment was basically, “Hey, remember that procedure you had in January that turned into six weeks of nightmarish living? Yeah, I recommend the same procedure, but you really shouldn’t have been suffering for six weeks.” So, I may have to do all that again, but this surgeon had a sunnier outlook about the whole thing? I don’t know.
  • Went to SoHo to hang out with one of the #triotime ladies! We split a beverage from one of my favorite chocolate stores, and went shopping. Perfect way to process less than stellar surgery news.
  • Then we went back to my place for the most exciting wheelchair small wheels (casters) cleaning ever.
  • Wordle: In three!
  • Currently feeling: Like I want my body to behave itself so I don’t have to keep getting procedures. <screams internally> But also, so grateful that I got to spend time with a friend and go shopping.
  • Currently looping: Spiritbox’s “Eternal Blue” album.

Day Eight Hundred and Eighty-One (8/10/22)

  • Therapy!
  • Got my grocery order! Which is a thing I do when it’s kind of too hot to go outside.
  • Finally am closer to getting refrigerator handles.
  • Finally cleaned makeup brushes! Been putting that off for a few weeks, at least.
  • Yay, Mets!
  • Wordle: In five!
  • Currently feeling: I didn’t get much work done on my chapter today. There’s just a lot going on, what with surgery concerns and all that. But hey, at least I’m making progress on the things I can control.
  • Currently looping: Unleash the Archers’ “Abyss” album, which I subjected my music Facebook group to. I hope they like it!

Day Eight Hundred and Eighty-Two (8/11/22)

  • Did the FES cycle for the first time in a week. Feeling a wee bit rusty.
  • Signed a contract for an academic writing thing (it’s more of an administrative article than straight up academia), and it still boggles my mind how I’m supposed to sign over a copyright even though I’m not getting paid for it. Like, academic publishing can say all they want about “well, any sales we make will only cover our publishing costs,” but maybe rethink your model instead of exploiting the people who write the things you publish. Pay people for their work. That’s it. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  • Worked on my bibliography for a bit, and wouldn’t you know it, the articles I need are all in journal issues that are missing from my university library’s catalog. Like, they have the journal. But not the three issues I need. #nerdrage
  • The Field of Dreams game is kind of hella cute. I hope they continue the tradition.
  • My hair dryer had a coil that started glowing bright orange, so, um, I’m starting to think this hair dryer needs to be replaced. It’s also over five years old, and it’s like a $25 hair dryer, so I think it’s time.
  • Wordle: In four!
  • Currently feeling: Now that the bibliography hunting is mostly done, the reading of articles/books shall commence soon-ish!
  • Currently looping: Have you heard Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” performed live with the San Francisco Orchestra? They put out a live album back in 1999, and I’ve only heard “Enter Sandman” from this performance, but dang, I may have to check out the rest of the album.

Thanks so much for reading! Stay safe, wear a mask, and break out that “Grease” karaoke playlist!

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