Self-Isolation Diaries – Week 114

Greetings, Internet! I hope everyone’s staying as safe and sane as can be. This week, my bestie and I flew to San Francisco! I got to visit my sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew! And you bet my sister and I ate all of the treats. Daily summaries below!

Day Seven Hundred and Ninety-Two (5/13/22)

  • Happy Friday the Thirteenth? I used to bake brownies every Friday the Thirteenth, but that was back when I was in middle school.
  • Went to Push to Walk!
  • Packing! So much packing!
  • Alas, the Mets lost a tough one.
  • Wordle: Whoops.
  • Currently feeling: The secret to packing is not to panic. But also, dang, this is a lot of things to fit in a carry-on.
  • Currently looping: Camera Obscura’s “French Navy.”

Day Seven Hundred and Ninety-Three (5/14/22)

  • Flying to California day!
  • Good grief, Terminal four is LONG.
  • Okay, JFK, get your act together. People with disabilities board first, and not when everyone else boards. Otherwise you get a traffic jam. Like we’re getting right now.
  • Flying with my bestie, who is a super chill flyer. I am not.
  • <panicking over turbulence>
  • <holding bestie’s hand>
  • <trying not to sob>
  • <watching “Spiderman: No Way Home” to distract self>
  • Cathing on an airplane is tough, folks.
  • We’ve landed! Good grief, these airport people practically manhandled me back into my chair. Rude, much?
  • After some confusing pick-up directions (apparently we got rerouted to departures?), we are now in San Francisco and on our way to the hotel!
  • In hotel. So tired. So thirsty.
  • Currently feeling: I’m going to skip music looping and Wordle whilst in California. Oh man, flying while disabled is rough. So grateful for my bestie.

Day Seven Hundred and Ninety-Four (5/15/22)

  • My bestie was acting as my PCA for the trip, so she helped out with my morning routines. The way the hotel bathroom was designed made it kind of impossible for me to open the barn door in a commode chair, so anytime I needed to get out, I’d sing the opening “Hello” from Adele’s “Hello.” You had to be there.
  • Went to my sister’s neighborhood for a farmer’s market! Got a cactus and poblano breakfast burrito, a passionfruit malasada, and a bottle of cold matcha latte! Also got a toy for my niece!
  • Oh, did I mention I got to meet my nephew! Little Dude is adorable ❤
  • Went back to my sister’s and we went to a nearby wine bar.
  • Later ordered some glorious fish tacos with my sister and brother-in-law.
  • Read my niece some bedtime stories ^_^
  • Currently feeling: Tired and full of food.

Day Seven Hundred and Ninety-Five (5/16/22)

  • Went to afternoon tea with my sister and bestie! ‘Twas delightful!
  • Then went to the ferry building with my sister. Got so much chocolate.
  • Ate a glorious s’mores treat from one chocolate shop. I’m pretty sure half of my diet in SF is sugar.
  • The views from the ferry building are so calming.
  • Journeyed on the Muni (SF public transit) back to my sister’s place. My brother-in-law barbecued.
  • Read more bedtime stories to my niece!
  • Currently feeling: So full of food.

Day Seven Hundred and Ninety-Six (5/17/22)

  • Met up with a friend from college for morning pastries. We sat in a lovely nearby park and caught up. I hadn’t seen her in nearly a year.
  • My sister and I went to a nearby mall! I had the most amazing matcha ice cream.
  • Back at my sister’s for burritos!
  • Watched some “Paw Patrol” and “Peppa Pig” with my niece. And read her bedtime stories. She’s so cute and energetic, I can’t even.
  • Currently feeling: So grateful to have this time with my niece and nephew ^_^

Day Seven Hundred and Ninety-Seven (5/18/22)

  • Went to the Mission with my sister. Had an amazing matcha cream pie, and then went shopping. Bought oodles of candles.
  • Went to my sister’s sister-in-law’s jewelry shop. Fell in love with a dagger pendant. Also realized I hate how blingy rings look on my fingers.
  • Got a dress! I don’t think I owned a cute day dress, but now I do!
  • Got delicious ramen.
  • Currently feeling: What a food adventure! So glad that this is the last day of having all of the noms, because I am so very full.

Day Seven Hundred and Ninety-Eight (5/19/22)

  • Flying back to NYC!
  • Wow, SFO departures is a lot better about not manhandling me than JFK is. Either that or my bestie had, “Don’t eff with me,” energy and scared the manhandlers.
  • Definitely panicked less on this flight than the previous one, so, huzzah! Also watched “The Suicide Squad” and “The Lost City,” so I feel like I caught up on some movies. Still need to see “Eternals.”
  • Back in NYC! So hungry.
  • Currently feeling: Huzzah for going to see my sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew! Flying is not easy for someone with an SCI though, so I think it might be another year or so before I fly back over there. Also couldn’t have made the trip without my bestie, so she’s the real MVP.

Thanks so much for reading! Stay safe, wear a mask, and explore the noms in your ‘hoods!

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