Self-Isolation Diaries – Week 79

Greetings, Internet! I hope everyone’s staying as safe and sane as can be. This week, the semester kicked into full gear, I introduced my bestie to the US Open, and I started writing my third chapter draft. Daily summaries below!

Day Five Hundred and Forty-Seven (9/10/21)

  • Went to Push to Walk! Butt was kicked. All was well.
  • Stopped by my favorite place to get looseleaf tea.
  • My parents and I had dinner together and I was reminded of how much I love mushroom soup.
  • Watched the Djokovic-Zverev match. Djokovic did not look like himself.
  • Hahaha, it’s fun when the Mets put the hurt on the Yankees.
  • Almost done with this one German article! It’s been super helpful so far.
  • Total Times Outside: One Hundred and Eighteen!
  • Total videos watched by other YouTubers: 0.
  • Currently feeling: Very tired. I have four pages of this article to go, but it’s midnight and I want to get a decent amount of sleep tonight.
  • Currently looping: Aoife O’Donovan’s live performance of, “Oh, Mama” from Live From Here. Her voice feels like therapy.

Day Five Hundred and Forty-Eight (9/11/21)

  • Did the FES cycle. Watched the reading of the names. Sobbed.
  • Took a shower, and then realized that the drain was clogged. My bathroom floor had a bit of a flood.
  • My bestie came over, helped with the flood, and then we ordered ice cream and watched the US Open Women’s Final. The ice cream and tennis were both part of a plan we had concocted the day before. The flood in my bathroom was not (but, hey, good timing?).
  • “Dodgeball” happened to be on cable, so my bestie and I watched that.
  • Then we started to watch the Subway Series. She left before the end, and I scowled at my television at the last out.
  • Finished one of the German articles! Tomorrow I’ve got another chapter to finish, and then it’s off to the races!
  • Total videos watched by other YouTubers: 1.
  • Currently feeling: I hope everyone got to have some ice cream today and watch some sports. And get a hug. Days of remembrance warrant some combination of the three.
  • Currently looping: Death Cab for Cutie’s acoustic rendition of “I Will Follow You Into the Dark.” Seemed appropriate for today.

Day Five Hundred and Forty-Nine (9/12/21)

  • Dissertation day! So much prep. Finally finished preliminary prep. The writing can commence this week (which will lead to more prep/research)!
  • Someone came to fix the shower drain. There was so much hair in there. So much hair. If a demon clown was living in my drain, it would have choked on the hair. As my bestie said, “That’s the curse of having goddess hair.”
  • “Endgame” was on. You know the drill.
  • Practiced some guitar and vocals. My fingertips hurt.
  • Kind of love how Lindor and Stanton were beefing during the Mets-Yankees game, and then Lindor hit three HRs and caught the final out (which was Stanton’s pop-up). Sometimes the narratives just write themselves.
  • Total videos watched by other YouTubers: 23.
  • Currently feeling: That feeling when you realize you were supposed to read an article for a workshop tomorrow, and then realize you will probably have to read it during an FES cycle workout.
  • Currently looping: Not so much looping, but I did listen to a Nightwish virtual concert.

Day Five Hundred and Fifty (9/13/21)

  • Did the FES cycle. Read an article that I needed to read for a workshop later in the day. #multitasking
  • Music lesson! Learning how to put together an electronic press kit. Side note: I have no idea what I’m doing.
  • Medieval workshop! Got to learn about Narcissus in the Middle Ages.
  • Holy cow, the lightning outside is BRIGHT.
  • During a Mets game, this exchange occurred between two of the SNY broadcasters:
    Gary Cohen: “You know what I was most worried about when I was a fan in the stands whenever it started to rain?”
    Ron Darling: “Lightning?”
    Gary: “My scorecard.” Gary Cohen is a national treasure.
  • Was going to start my dissertation, but then had a bunch of emails. Yup, the semester definitely has begun.
  • Total videos watched by other YouTubers: 15.
  • Currently feeling: Somehow ended up having another late night, but I blame the emails on that one. Well, the emails, and my inability to draft an email reply quickly.
  • Currently looping: Watched I’m With Her’s The Current Microshow performance.

Day Five Hundred and Fifty-One (9/14/21)

  • Went to Push to Walk! Am tired.
  • Got something to put over my shower drain that should, in theory, stop my hair from clogging the drain. We shall see how that goes.
  • “Hobbs and Shaw” was on cable, and it’s as nonsensical as it is delightful. Answered emails and watched other people’s YouTube videos as I watched the movie.
  • Downloaded another article about the main primary source for the chapter that I promise I’m going to start soon.
  • The Mets sometimes tie games in the bottom of the ninth and get your hopes up. And then they dash those hopes in the tenth. And then they give up three runs in the eleventh. And still manage to lose the game by a run. #emotionalrollercoaster
  • Total Times Outside: One Hundred and Nineteen!
  • Total videos watched by other YouTubers: 18.
  • Currently feeling: I know the Mets game was disappointing, but at least “Hobbs and Shaw” was amazing.
  • Currently looping: Sarah Jarosz’s performance of “The Tourist” (Radiohead cover) from Live From Here. Turns out Radiohead sounds awesome with some mandolin thrown in.

Day Five Hundred and Fifty-Two (9/15/21)

  • Watched a bit more of the animated “Harley Quinn” series and it continues to be awesome.
  • Had a zoom call with a postdoc who is putting together a syllabus that includes some material on disability in the early Middle Ages (i.e. my wheelhouse). He asked for my input, and I felt so useful.
  • Therapy!
  • Recorded an original that might go up on my channel tomorrow. We shall see.
  • Had a phone call with the professor I taught for last semester. It was really nice to catch up!
  • To be fair, the Cardinals had some ridiculously good defense tonight.
  • Total videos watched by other YouTubers: 8.
  • Currently feeling: That moment when you realize the day flew by and you still haven’t started your dissertation chapter. In my defense, I was looking over a postdoc’s syllabus.
  • Currently looping: Aoife O’Donovan’s cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska.” I’ve repeatedly gotten lost in her voice.

Day Five Hundred and Fifty-Three (9/16/21)

  • Did the FES cycle. Caught up on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” before the finale.
  • Posted my revised original song, “Dear Prince Charming.” It’s no longer about a boy that doesn’t exist. It’s about disillusionment with certain institutions.
  • Started writing my dissertation chapter draft! I have the introduction (which will need some serious editing later, but the important thing is that I have something to work with).
  • Had a brief phone call with my sister. She got bubble tea. I want bubble tea.
  • Watched the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” series finale. Nine-Nine!
  • Backed up my dissertation files. And then I backed up my entire laptop. I am not losing this chapter material. #backupyourbackups
  • Total videos watched by other YouTubers: 7.
  • Currently feeling: Another late night, but at least I backed up my laptop!
  • Currently looping: Aoife O’Donovan’s “Phoenix.”

Thanks so much for reading! Stay safe, get vaccinated, and hug your Mets fan friends!

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