Self-Isolation Diaries – Week 123

Greetings, Internet! I hope everyone is staying as safe and sane as can be. This week, I went to see two different neurologists (one is an SCI specialist), stayed indoors because of the heat wave, and had a catheter saga. Daily summaries below!

Day Eight Hundred and Fifty-Five (7/15/22)

  • Went to Push to Walk. Pushed myself slightly too hard and was eternally grateful to be wearing a bladder leakage pad. Ugh.
  • Today was most definitely a bubble tea day.
  • The bakery near my apartment is doing a bunch of weekend specials, so my mother and I got two things without realizing we do not have the ability to eat two large pastries. My mother: “Where’s your boyfriend?” That man can put away flaky pastries like nobody’s business.
  • Mets got rained out. Alas.
  • I continue not to dig Prime Video and Apple TV baseball streaming. Come on, MLB, just play baseball on cable and national television. Please?
  • Wow, this is an embarrassing Yankees game. I’m going to blame it on the game being streamed on Prime.
  • Wordle: In five!
  • Currently feeling: Without going into too many details, the Push to Walk family lost someone. I’ll be thinking of their family and sending all the love and hugs I can.
  • Currently looping: Listened to some songs from my “Mellow” playlist, including some tunes from The Decemberists.

Day Eight Hundred and Fifty-Six (7/16/22)

  • Did the FES cycle.
  • I remember there was a song on Rock Band (or Rock Band 2?) called “Visions” by the band Abnormality. And I thought the song was garbage because you could say anything into the microphone and it would register as the correct vocal performance (so, very easy to score 100% on vocals). I did a quick search, and Abnormality (which has since disbanded) was a female-fronted death metal band. And now that I have an appreciation for harsh vocals, I take everything I said back. It’s not my favorite song, but I definitely don’t think it’s garbage anymore. Sorry, Abnormality (and Mallika Sundaramurthy) for not appreciating your vocal capabilities when I was a bratty high schooler.
  • Was supposed to video chat with my boyfriend’s sister, but she was too busy. I’m just going to show up outside her place in two weeks like, “Hey,” and then that’ll be it.
  • My boyfriend’s here! We watched baseball and ate tacos.
  • Double the Mets!
  • Wordle: Whoops.
  • Currently feeling: I’ll meet my boyfriend’s family soon. Eventually. But planning on soon.
  • Currently looping: Love Jinjer’s Hellfest 2022 concert. If you want to support an awesome metal band from Ukraine, I highly recommend giving them a listen.

Day Eight Hundred and Fifty-Seven (7/17/22)

  • My boyfriend was shocked that I hadn’t seen “300.” So we watched “300.”
  • This is the most ridiculous movie I have ever seen.
  • Why is there a random pit of death in the middle of Sparta? Who was the historical consultant on this?
  • Huh, Lena Headey seems to be a pro at Cersei-type characters.
  • And then we went outside for a bit, so that we weren’t completely indoors watching movies.
  • And then we watched the “Bob’s Burgers” movie, which was awesome.
  • And then the greatest OG Iron Chef battle ever, Battle Bell Pepper.
  • Wordle: Whoops.
  • Currently feeling: Seriously, a random pit in the middle of Sparta? I can’t with this movie.
  • Currently looping: Movies!

Day Eight Hundred and Fifty-Eight (7/18/22)

  • Woke up in the middle of the night because, DANG, that thunder.
  • Went to a neurologist. He wants to refer me to neurologists who are working with SCI programs and stuff, so that could be nifty.
  • Dang, it’s raining lots.
  • Home run derby! Alas, the Polar Bear did not three-peat. But it’s all good.
  • Wordle: Whoops.
  • Currently feeling: Kind of sleepy. Blasted interrupted thunder sleep.
  • Currently looping: Still digging that Jinjer concert.

Day Eight Hundred and Fifty-Nine (7/19/22)

  • Went to Push to Walk!
  • It’s over ninety degrees out, so yeah, bubble tea. Sweet, cold, bubble tea.
  • The place where I order my catheters from is holding them hostage until I sign a form and check a box. They have sent a form that does not allow me to check a box. Why.
  • Called the catheter place. On hold.
  • Ooh, a person!
  • Aaand they dropped my call.
  • Calling again. On hold.
  • A person!
  • Let’s see if this actually went through. Which means yup, I’m calling them back tomorrow.
  • The All-Star Game is the only time I will root for people in the National League who don’t wear Mets uniforms.
  • Wordle: In five!
  • Currently feeling: I think there’s a mosquito in my apartment. Summer is here.
  • Currently looping: More Jinjer.

Day Eight Hundred and Sixty (7/20/22)

  • Did the FES cycle.
  • Therapy!
  • Staying in today because the news says it feels like 100 degrees outside. So, nope.
  • My refrigerator is allegedly being delivered next week!
  • On the phone with the catheter people. Apparently, they got the form I sent, but they now need a doctor’s prescription. Cue me emailing my doctor and knowing I can’t talk to her until tomorrow at the earliest because of how late the catheter people called me back. Augh.
  • Did some reading.
  • Wordle: In five!
  • Currently feeling: Too hot to go outside. I hope everyone’s finding ways to stay cool!
  • Currently looping: I’m in a music group on FB where people like to share what they’re listening to (I’m kind of the resident metalhead). I’m in a subgroup of that group that’s now sharing an album a week. So the album this week is The Interrupters’ “Say It Out Loud.” A ska album in 2016. Who knew?

Day Eight Hundred and Sixty-One (7/21/22)

  • Went to see an SCI specialist today, and got a referral for adaptive driving! It’s happening, folks!
  • Holy cow, there’s some torrential downpouring happening outside!
  • The SCI specialist (she’s a neurologist) said, “You’re so high-functioning!” And she said my legs looked healthy. It’s nice when a medical professional sees all the work you’re putting into keeping yourself fit.
  • My mother baked a loaf of blueberry lemon bread, and a blueberry pie!
  • Writing workshop!
  • Wordle: In four!
  • Currently feeling: It’s so humid out. And raining. But a neurologist thinks I’m high-functioning with healthy-looking legs!
  • Currently looping: Still loving this Unleash the Archers live concert (I first listened to it last month?).

Thanks so much for reading! Stay safe, wear a mask, and stay cool!

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