Self-Isolation Diaries – Week 64

Greetings, Internet! I hope everyone’s staying as safe and sane as possible. This week, I turned in my second dissertation chapter, finally got a bunch of things done that I’d been putting off, and entered my first music contest! Daily summaries below!

Day Four Hundred and Forty-Two (5/28/21)

  • Did the FES cycle.
  • My mother’s here! And my father tagged along to say hello before venturing off to a used bookstore.
  • Sorted out some admin stuff, only to realize I have more admin stuff to sort out. #adulting
  • Dissertationing! Finally have all the words on the page! Now to read it over several times and fix all the inevitable errors.
  • What does one do after putting all the words on the page, but doesn’t have the energy to start reviewing immediately? That’s right. Watching “Detective Pikachu” with my mother. We were not impressed.
  • Currently feeling: Hooray for words on the page! And of course now that they’re on there (about 7500, which is respectable), I’m thinking of all the things I maybe should’ve added. Or maybe it’s best to ask my advisor about adding them.
  • Currently looping: Spiritbox’s “Secret Garden.” When are they coming to NYC?

Day Four Hundred and Forty-Three (5/29/21)

  • YouTube removed a bunch of views from my “She Used to Be Mine” cover. Rude.
  • Went to Push to Walk! It was my trainer’s last Saturday working there. I shall miss her =[ (side note: she makes some kickass tumblers and mugs on Etsy, and you should check out her shop!)
  • It was fifty-something degrees outside, so my mother and I got some noodle soup (and we did not eat in the car this time). I’m one of those people who will eat hot noodle soup when it’s eighty degrees out, but I feel like it’s especially appropriate when it’s unseasonably chilly outside.
  • Realized that I do not have a single flat-head screwdriver in my apartment. Wow. I should fix that.
  • Any chance the Mets can score like this when DeGrom is pitching?
  • Total Times Outside: Seventy-Three!
  • Currently feeling: I need to start tallying up how many YouTube videos I have to watch and comment on every week. I’ll start the count tomorrow. The goal is eventually to switch from being super active on YouTube to being less active on YouTube and more active in live performances. This lady needs to find her own Central Perk.
  • Currently looping: Sara Bareilles’ live rendition of “I Choose You.” People got engaged at her concert during this song. On the one hand, it’s cheesy, but on the other hand, some people like that. Although I would hate that because what if you got engaged at a live performance of your favorite artist, but then called off the wedding? Wouldn’t it be emotionally weird listening to that artist again? Would you have to switch favorite artists? Or would you continue to listen to that artist out of spite? I don’t know. I’m overthinking this. Best thing is to get engaged at a baseball game while your team is losing. Because then at least the game isn’t a total loss.

Day Four Hundred and Forty-Four (5/30/21)

  • Recorded this week’s video with a very special guest!
  • Started reviewing my dissertation chapter draft. It’s, um, rather wordy. And oof, these translations are rough.
  • Number of videos from other YTers I watched today: 19.
  • The Mets got rained out. Watched the Nets clobber the Celtics instead. Well, by “watched” I mean, “had on in the background while I tidied things up.”
  • Currently feeling: I love that my friends have been so supportive of my musical aspirations. Thanks, guys ❤
  • Currently looping: Spiritbox’s “Holy Roller,” with a one-take vocal performance by Courtney LaPlante. All screams. She’s a baller.

Day Four Hundred and Forty-Five (5/31/21)

  • Happy Memorial Day!
  • Was so delighted to find a Roland-Garros broadcast, only to learn that Naomi Osaka withdrew because of the effing media requirement. Honestly, no one should have to do press conferences in any sporting event unless you’re the coach or manager. Let the players play. 
  • Actually, one more thing: what good comes out of watching someone talk to a bunch of reporters after they’ve lost? Are people hoping they’ll have an emotional breakdown during the interview? “How are you feeling?” HOW DO YOU THINK? I understand that reporters need something to report on, but I think that can be accomplished without a post match conference. Okay, now I’m done.
  • Guys, I just really like watching Naomi Osaka play. She’s a brilliant competitor. Wimbledon better not screw this up.
  • Did the FES cycle. No new “Legends.” Alas.
  • My guitar instructor forgot that there was a lesson. Because of the holiday. Reviewed my chapter draft instead.
  • A couple of family friends went to my parents’ for a Memorial Day barbeque. They stopped by my apartment afterwards to make a pie delivery. There was much rejoicing ^_^
  • Read my chapter draft aloud and gave quotations funny accents. Because reading twenty-eight pages out loud in a row takes a while and sometimes you need amusing accents to get by.
  • Sent my chapter to my advisor! Two down, three or four to go! And by that, I mean, three or four to go before the massive project that is revising everything.
  • One thing I love about west coast baseball games is that I can listen to them while I get ready for bed. Few things are more comforting than the sounds of the SNY broadcast booth. Also the fact that the Mets scored six runs in a DeGrom start.
  • Total videos watched from other YTers: 10
  • Currently feeling: I mean, I turned in a draft of my second chapter, and DeGrom won a game, so I feel even more like he is a kindred spirit. On the one hand, that might make me sound obnoxious. I’d prefer to think that I am aspiring to awesomeness.
  • Currently looping: Xandria’s “Nightfall.”

Day Four Hundred and Forty-Six (6/1/21)

  • Now that the chapter’s in, it’s time for my version of relaxation: doing tasks I’ve been putting off as I did my dissertation draft while “Avatar: The Last Airbender” plays in the background.
  • Went outside for a bakery run and matcha latte. One of the bakeries that I love looked kind of sad (they weren’t even selling lunch items, which was unusual). They also had a lot of pastries for 2pm. Alas.
  • Caught up with my dad over the phone. He was under the impression that I could waltz over to NYU to get an adjunct position. Oh, if only academia worked like that.
  • Briefly practiced some vocals, because I refuse to lose any progress I’ve made.
  • And the Mets got my hopes up in the tenth, only to dash them later in the tenth. You might say it’s on brand, but it still hurts.
  • Total videos watched from other YTers: 17
  • Total Times Outside: Seventy-Four!
  • Currently feeling: How am I still going to bed after 1am? Oh, that’s right, because it turns out there was a lot on my to-do list once the chapter was turned in. And, of course, I didn’t even get through the entire list. But I still got a lot done, so yay for that!
  • Currently looping: Elizabeth Zharoff’s cover of “Lament of the Highborne.” This is my vocal instructor. She’s really into cosplay. I want to know how she made that costume.

Day Four Hundred and Forty-Seven (6/2/21)

  • Did the FES cycle.
  • Why are the Mets on YouTube? Just, why would MLB put any games on YouTube? I mean, sure, global market, but still, I miss Gary, Keith, and Ron.
  • Work Skype with a fellow grad student! We answered emails. #gradstudentlife
  • My bestie came over for a long overdue catch-up ^_^
  • Created an Instagram account for my musical life: valwantstosing Follow me! I need to add actual material to it, but I shall!
  • Total video count: 14.
  • Currently feeling: That’s right, I now have an IG for music. It’s like things just got real (which is silly, because I’ve had the YouTube channel for over a year now).
  • Currently looping: Epica’s live performance of “Unleashed.” Simone Simons’ voice is magical.

Day Four Hundred and Forty-Eight (6/3/21)

  • Guess who submitted “Jackass” to NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest! This one, right here!
  • Music lesson! Getting back to some songwriting!
  • Therapy!
  • Practiced some guitar stuff until my index finger was red from all the barre chords. Ouch. #thepainmeansitsworking
  • Total video count: 11
  • Currently feeling: I can’t believe I entered a music contest. I couldn’t even hold a guitar pick when I was seventeen because the paralysis had done quite a bit of damage to my fine motor skills. And now I can hold the guitar pick between two fingers while I do some fingerpicking, and then switch back to gripping the pick to strum. The moral of the story is that occupational therapy pays off!
  • Currently looping: Sara Bareilles’ live rendition of “Uncharted” from her “Amidst the Chaos Live from the Hollywood Bowl” album.

Thanks so much for listening! Stay safe, get vaccinated, and go follow my music Instagram account!

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