Self-Isolation Diaries – Week 41

Greetings, Internet! Happy holidays! I hope everyone’s staying as safe and sane as can be. Did some recording, finished “Broadchurch” and “The Mandalorian” (in addition to a delightful documentary about the making of “Frozen 2”), and celebrated Christmas Eve with my parents! Daily summaries below!

Day Two Hundred and Eighty-One (12/18/20)

  • Did arm exercises while watching “Broadchurch.” I love a brooding David Tennant.
  • Recording! So much recording! Just have one more part to record tomorrow, and then I can attempt to film the video (which I sense will be a bit tricky, because there will be five screens). The vocal booth seems to be doing its job, so I’m really happy about that.
  • Warm compresses and temperature checks continue.
  • I could’ve gone to bed earlier tonight. I really could’ve. And then I got distracted with recording. Oof.
  • Finished season two of “The Mandalorian.” The cameo! Oh, the cameo! I shall not spoil it for whoever hasn’t seen it yet, but, goodness, that cameo!
  • Currently feeling: How does one apply for a time turner? Seriously, there are not enough hours in the day. Although I’m also really sleepy, so, maybe that’s why I shouldn’t apply for one.
  • Currently looping: Kelly Clarkson’s “Underneath the Tree.” It’s such a lovely bop.

Day Two Hundred and Eighty-Two (12/19/20)

  • Did the FES cycle. Finished season one of “Broadchurch.” I’ve been told that the other two seasons don’t match the awesomeness of the first, so I’m all right with stopping here.
  • Temperature creeped up slightly, so I’m doing my best not to freak out, because it’s still not a fever and I’m feeling relatively fine, just tired.  <applies warm compress>
  • Movie night! There were four of us, and half of the participants had never seen “Home Alone.” And now they have, and balance has been brought back to the Force (shh, they’re all on Disney +, I can make that reference).
  • Currently feeling: Still no time turner. Oof.
  • Currently looping: Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles’ “Winter Song.” Honestly, a classic. 

Day Two Hundred and Eighty-Three (12/20/20)

  • Caught up with an old college friend over the phone. Hadn’t talked to him in about three years. Where does the time go?
  • Did arm exercises while watching last night’s SNL (or, “The Kristen Wiig Reunion Special”).
  • Recorded a video for this week. It’s not what I was working on last week. I realized I wouldn’t get the recording finished in time to film the video, so I opted for a (relatively) quick ukulele video (going back to my roots?).
  • Started watching a documentary series on the making of “Frozen 2.” I love that they’re spending so much time on the songwriting process, because: 1. The songs make the movie and really move the story along; and 2. Watching Tony/Academy Award winners’ creative process with songwriting is just so wonderful.
  • Tried experimenting with some flute parts for the cover that I’d like to post next week.
  • Warm compress! Oh, you thought I forgot? Never.
  • Currently feeling: That feeling when you have emails to send that you know you won’t get around to until the next day in the late afternoon. Maybe. I should try to send emails on the FES cycle and see how that goes.
  • Currently looping: Dead by April’s cover of “Let it Go.” Yes to more hard/alt rock bands covering holiday/Disney music.

Day Two Hundred and Eighty-Four (12/21/20)

  • Was going to do the FES cycle, but the swelling has gotten worse, so, probably best not to chance it. I checked with my doctor that as long as I don’t have a fever, all is well. <applies warm compress>
  • Music lesson! I thought I was doing something wrong with the thing I’m working on, but it turns out that I am not. That was a relief. Also, my instructor has picked up on my frustratingly low levels of confidence and has taken to interrupting my self-deprecation with “shut up, you’re good.” Can’t help it.
  • Finished watching “Onward.” I started it yesterday. There was one part that hit me in the feels, but also, the main characters are voiced by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, so I’m just imagining Starlord and Spiderman as blue elves and it’s an odd feeling.
  • Recorded the flute part for next week’s (?) cover. The audio mixing is going to be daunting, I can already tell.
  • Currently feeling: I need to stop saying self-deprecating things in front of people. Especially because now that I’ve done some audio mixing with the flute, I’m really happy with this audio.
  • Currently looping: The Killers’ “Don’t Shoot Me Santa.” Pretty amazing holiday song, if you ask me.

Day Two Hundred and Eighty-Five (12/22/20)

  • My mother stopped by to bring me to the hospital. It was a scheduled appointment. The warm compresses weren’t solving the issue, and so, off to the hospital I go. And yes, my mother brought pie.
  • My mother and I, in keeping with what is becoming a tradition, ate ramen in the car in a parking lot. It was forty-something degrees outside, so the heat from the ramen noodles steamed up the car windows.
  • Hospital visit requires a follow up next week to see what the problem is. Today the problem was just treated. Next week, we investigate.
  • Audio mixed a bit when I got home. I love the flute, but getting the volume right is rather tricky.
  • Briefly FaceTimed with my sister and niece! She makes the same face when eating chocolate that my sister makes. ^_^
  • Currently feeling: So thankful that my mother made blueberry pie. So very thankful.
  • Currently looping: Kacey Musgraves’ “All is Found” from the “Frozen 2” soundtrack. All songs from the “Frozen” soundtracks count as holidays songs, in my opinion.

Day Two Hundred and Eighty-Six (12/23/20)

  • Wound cleaning. Fun times.
  • Blueberry pie is a breakfast food. I’ll fight anyone who disagrees.
  • Rewatched “Rogue One” with my mother while she baked apple oat squares for tomorrow. We then tried some of the apple oat squares once they were out of the oven and had cooled sufficiently. For, um, quality control.
  • Finished watching the six-part documentary on the making of “Frozen 2.”
  • Started writing out some holiday cards. These are going to go out to my blockmates and everyone super late (like, maybe a bit before New Year’s Eve). Sorry!
  • Currently feeling: You know what would be awesome? A world in which we can hug each other safely again. Do you miss hugs? Because I miss hugs. I feel like Olaf. I love warm hugs, and it’s really not the same giving a bear hug to my Pusheen plush.
  • Currently looping: Pentatonix’s “O Come All Ye Faithful.” I learned the Latin version years ago, which sounded quite solemn. This, however, is super fun.

Day Two Hundred and Eighty-Seven (12/24/20)

  • Wound cleaning! Because I have to.
  • Christmas Eve! My parents came over and we ate a lot (which is basically what we do on every holiday). It was the first Christmas Eve in about five years without my sister. We got to FaceTime and watch my niece eat a giant gingerbread cookie, so that was awesome ^_^
  • For those who have Disney +, the “Arendelle Yule Log” is really nice to have on in the background.
  • Posted my ukulele cover of “Christmas Island.” It feels weird to post a live cover with just me and the ukulele. Feels very March and April. I had to tell myself that it was okay to post something that wasn’t elaborate with at least two or three screens, and that wasn’t audio mixed. Also, if all goes well, I’m posting something ridiculously elaborate next week, so I shall make up for any perceived simplicity soon enough. But also, sometimes simple is good.
  • Currently feeling: The holidays feel different this year, for sure. But I’m grateful that I was still able to celebrate with my family and listen to Leon Redbone’s “Christmas Island” album. It’s been a tradition for years, and as long as I can access the album in some way, I shall keep that tradition going.
  • Currently looping: Floor Jansen posted her rendition of “Ave Maria” and of course it’s beautiful (but I think her vocals got a bit drowned out by the distorted guitar). Still, it’s lovely and she’s amazing.

Thanks so much for reading! Stay safe, wear a mask, and happy holidays!

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