Self-Isolation Diaries – Week 39

Greetings, Internet! Hope everyone is staying as safe and sane as can be right now. There was a lot of holiday music and viewings of “The Muppet Christmas Carol” this week, and I guess I’m being trusted with undergrads now? I kid, the undergrads will be fine (they might think, “okay, she is way too enthusiastic about medieval plagues,” but I’d take that as a compliment). Daily summaries below!

Day Two Hundred and Sixty-Seven (12/4/20)

  • Attended a graduate group Zoominar that my advisor and another professor put together. Talked about something that is out of my area of expertise and tried to keep up.
  • Yes to ridiculous rom-coms starring a wheelchair-using female lead! Hooray for Ali Stroker being the awkward disabled lead! Progress, it’s happening. I don’t really watch Lifetime movies, but I may have to make an exception here.
  • Oh gosh, I need to start baking cookies again.
  • Watched “The Mandalorian.” It’s picking up a bit.
  • Audio mixed next week’s cover. Unsure whether I’ll have time to film the video portion next week, but we shall see.
  • Currently feeling: Someday in the next week, I’m going to tidy up my apartment. It’s gotten a bit messy during the pandemic. Also, it was so nice to tidy up this corner of my room to put in my MIDI controller, and I’d like to have that feeling of neatness throughout the apartment.
  • Currently looping: Tina Guo and Leo Z’s “Greensleeves.”

Day Two Hundred and Sixty-Eight (12/5/20)

  • Did the FES cycle.
  • Broke my holiday music rule for an Evanescence livestream concert. But, I mean, it’s Evanescence live. And Amy Lee is my rock goddess spirit twin. And I will not apologize to my neighbors for singing/belting along.
  • Amy Lee’s voice is stunning. STUNNING. What is her vocal warmup routine? Asking for a friend.
  • My sister’s here! It’s the last sister weekend hangout of the year. She brought an earl grey cake from Taste Créme (which was amazing). We ordered food, drank bubbly, and watched “Red Dragon.” It was far less bloody than the Red Dragon storyline from the “Hannibal” television series. We then followed that with “The Great British Bake Off: Holidays.” And then she helped me declutter my closet.
  • Currently feeling: I feel very full of food. But also love.
  • Currently looping: Sarah Jarosz’ “Greensleeves” (with Chris Thile) on “Live From Here.” This is so good, and I wish it was on Spotify so I could have it repeat constantly while I work on dissertation stuff.

Day Two Hundred and Sixty-Nine (12/6/20)

  • My sister went out for chocolate babka. Mmm…babka.
  • Recorded the video for this week’s cover. There did not end up being any flute part. Maybe next week.
  • I’ve had the same knee-high boots since college. One of the perks of a mobility impairment is that my shoes don’t wear out nearly as quickly as they would if I was walking around in them. But they do, eventually, wear out (or the zipper breaks, which happened to my boots). Guess I’ll have to wait for a post-Christmas sale to get new ones.
  • Went outside for a matcha latte! I’ve got the thermos situation figured out enough that I can keep doing this as long as it’s not too cold to wait outside (the shop has a step, but they make clear that there’s a ramp available if you ask…it just doesn’t make sense for me to ask at the moment).
  • Virtually hung out with my bestie! Hadn’t seen her in about two weeks, which felt like a year.
  • I’m digging the “Star Wars” marathon on TNT this weekend. I forgot how much I love “The Last Jedi.” At one point, the Millennium Falcon shows up and literally all the Empire’s (sorry, the First Order’s) forces go after it. Poe says, “They drew ‘em off! All of them!” and Finn replies, “Oh, they HATE that ship!” and I lol every single time I hear that line. John Boyega’s delivery FTW. Can I pretend that’s the last movie of the new ones? Please?
  • Floor Jansen does masterclasses on her YouTube channel, and somehow I love her even more.
  • Total times outside: Thirty-six!
  • Currently feeling: Guys, I love music. I’ll start to play something and time will just zoom by. Or I’ll start listening to something and will want to stay up past whatever unofficial bedtime I’ve given myself (which is what’s happening right now because I just decided to listen to Tina Guo’s Christmas album after midnight). It’s just so pretty and comforting.
  • Currently looping: Jimmy Eat World’s cover of “Last Christmas.”

Day Two Hundred and Seventy (12/7/20)

  • Did the FES cycle.
  • Music lesson! Walking bass lines. Realized shortly after the lesson that my guitar was kind of out of tune the whole time. Whoops.
  • My music instructor: “How many screens can you add to a video?” The Village of Vals is coming (my bestie/acting manager has coined that term). Also I might be getting a new piece of equipment (the echoing in my room keeps getting picked up by my microphone, and I did not splurge on a nice microphone to have my sound ruined by echoes).
  • Currently feeling: I’m sorry, did I say I was going to be financially responsible this month? I’m investing in my hobby. This corner of my room is going to be my home studio, and it needs some acoustic treatment, darnit.
  • Currently looping: Lindsey Stirling’s acoustic performance of “Carol of the Bells.”

Day Two Hundred and Seventy-One (12/8/20)

  • Woke up a bit over an hour late. Ugh.
  • Did some arm exercises while catching up on late night shows. Lol, Colbert.
  • Period cramps. I used to feel invincible shortly after my injury occurred, because I couldn’t feel any period cramps. Now, I can feel them, they hurt, and I can feel myself bleed. Ugh.
  • Drinking hot water and watching “The Muppet Christmas Carol,” because everything else makes my body feel gross. I forget how much I love this because I only watch it during the holiday season. I read the source material years ago, but feel like revisiting it now.
  • My mother stopped by after playing with my niece. She helped me tidy up a bit before my niece comes here later in the week.
  • One nice thing about holiday country music is that they sing the more religious verses of Christmas carols. Not that I like country music (don’t get it twisted), but I like the accuracy of singing what was originally written (you know, provided that it’s not grotesquely problematic nowadays).
  • Currently feeling: I don’t know what it is about waking up an hour later. I just feel like I’m playing catchup all day, and then I don’t catch up until close to midnight.
  • Currently looping: Lindsey Stirling’s acoustic performance of “I Saw Three Ships.”

Day Two Hundred and Seventy-Two (12/9/20)

  • Did the FES cycle. Started watching “Broadchurch.” So far, I am hooked.
  • My mother’s here! She’s heading over to my sister’s tomorrow to help with the move.
  • My mother hasn’t updated her phone in a very long time, so I updated it for her. It took two hours. Oof.
  • I may be assistant-teaching in the spring?
  • Currently feeling: I sincerely hope this professor I may be assisting is okay with the fact that I have never done this before. I’ve tutored, I’ve coached writing, but I’ve only ever done that one-on-one. What happens when there are more people? Oh gosh, what if my students find this blog? Or what if I seem nervous over zoom? I don’t know why I’d be nervous because I’ve looked at the reading for the course and I’m familiar with it, but I’m convinced that undergraduates can smell fear, and that alone is nerve wracking.
  • Currently looping: Lindsey Stirling’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.” I’ve been on such a Lindsey Stirling kick lately.

Day Two Hundred and Seventy-Three (12/10/20)

  • Posted my cover of “Last Christmas.” I’m waiting on some recording equipment before I tackle next week’s cover. I’ve been recording things with my microphone two feet away from the wall, which means I get a lot of unwanted echo noises. This needs to be fixed.
  • My niece is here! And she does not want to nap. Cue “The Muppets Christmas Carol.”
  • Therapy! Not much to report here.
  • Yup, I am teaching next semester. Had a meeting with the professor. I am very excited for this class.
  • I gave my niece a cookie. She then found where I hid the cookies. And then knocked my phone over to find the cookies after I thought I put them out of her reach. Don’t mess with my niece. She will come for your cookies. #legitterrifiedandhellaimpressed
  • Currently feeling: Is it wrong/weird that I want to do all the suggested reading for this course so that I’ll be able to answer questions that students haven’t asked me yet, but might?
  • Currently looping: My Chemical Romance’s cover of “All I Want for Christmas is You.” That’s right. This exists.

Thanks so much for reading! Stay safe, wear a mask, and take some time to watch your favorite holiday movie!

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