Self-Isolation Diaries – Week 37

Greetings, Internet! I hope everyone’s staying as safe and sane as can be. Drank for three nights in a row for the first time in quite a while, realized that my body doesn’t like when I do that, and then drank again at Thanksgiving. Also did some fun experiments with audio things. Daily summaries below!

Day Two Hundred and Fifty-Three (11/20/20)

  • Attended a sort-of-study-group with two professors and five other students. Realized about thirty minutes into the group that most people work in a period/region that I am somewhat (but not extremely) familiar with. Oh dear.
  • Went outside because it was lovely out. The matcha latte place ran out of the pre-packaged drink I wanted. Rats. #thankfulthatthisismyproblem
  • Virtual hangout with my bestie! Every time we go on for nearly five hours, I’m reminded of our college hangouts and I get all nostalgic.
  • Total times outside: Thirty-one!
  • Currently feeling: Yeah, it’s a late night. I’ll be better about going to bed at a reasonable time tomorrow. Also, I think I’m going to start the holiday music next week. The setlist is pretty much ready to go, I just have to practice.
  • Currently looping: Belle and Sebastian’s “My Wandering Days are Over (Live).” If you’re not dancing by the time the trumpet solo ends, you need to reexamine the things that bring you joy. Yes, I know the lyrics are weird, but that’s the case for most Belle and Sebastian songs.

Day Two Hundred and Fifty-Four (11/21/20)

  • Did the FES cycle.
  • So I realized that “It Only Got Worse From There” is my 50th YouTube video. Holy moly. That’s a lot of videos. Maybe I should film one of those channel intro videos.
  • Finished Gregory of Tours’ Miracles for the life of St. Julian. Now onwards to St. Martin!
  • FaceTime and wine with my sister! I am sufficiently drunk enough to buy hella chocolate for the holidays. Also I might start drunk texting people. Also I think I broke a nail.
  • Currently feeling: DRUNK. I definitely went through more than half the bottle. WHOOOOOO, INEBRIATION! Honestly, I haven’t had alcohol since the election was called two weeks ago. And I didn’t drink much. Now I’m catching up. I forgot how nice it is to feel buzzed/drunk/something. Gosh, I feel like being irresponsible.
  • Currently looping: Lykke Li’s “Jerome.” Part of medieval history studying is that I can’t listen to this song without thinking of fourth-century Christian fathers. So, that’s weird.

Day Two Hundred and Fifty-Five (11/22/20)

  • Everyone should read this interview. Everyone. Even if you’re not into thrillers.
  • Did lots of audio recording. I might not get the cover up this week on account of Thanksgiving and all that, but I’m excited with what I’ve got so far. Just have to add a flute part, and maybe some vocal harmony if I can muster it.
  • Writing workshop! It’d been a while since I’d seen writing buddy (probably because I kept putting off workshop from my two health issues over the past month…I blame Mercury retrograde).
  • Currently feeling: I need to get better about my holiday budgeting. Or not. I’m not sure. I’m a little tipsy at the moment.
  • Currently looping: Within Temptation’s new single, “The Purge.” No, it’s not about the movie franchise.

Day Two Hundred and Fifty-Six (11/23/20)

  • Did the FES cycle.
  • Downloaded plug-ins for some audio mixing! This is…kind of intimidating, not gonna lie. But I’m excited about what I’ll be able to do.
  • My sister’s here! She brought this ridiculously amazing matcha red bean cake from Taste Creme.
  • We watched “Avengers: Infinity War” and then started “Avengers: Endgame.” She fixed my Disney+ connection. Oh, and there was bubbly.
  • Currently feeling: Imma stop complaining about my love life to people. There’s no good that comes out of it (unless it becomes a song, in which case, that’s awesome).
  • Currently looping: Jonathan Groff’s “Lost in the Woods” from “Frozen 2.” The more I listen to the “Frozen 2” soundtrack, the more I love the songs more than the ones on the original “Frozen” soundtrack. Sorry not sorry. I mean, come on, Kristoff has an ‘80s ballad about his feelings for Anna. Where do you ever see a man in a Disney movie singing about his feelings? That’s right. Embrace the 80s ballad goodness. EMBRACE IT. Okay, full disclosure, I drank a lot of bubbly while watching “Avengers” movies.

Day Two Hundred and Fifty-Seven (11/24/20)

  • After three nights in a row of drinking, I’m feeling a wee bit hungover.
  • My sister made pancakes ^_^ We then finished watching “Avengers: Endgame.” The last scene with Captain America always makes me cry. Always. I want nothing but a happy ending for him (even if it’s not with me, because that’s real love, people).
  • Surprise visit from a HGSE friend (responsibly, and in my lobby)! Oh, I can’t wait until I can invite her over for tea.
  • Lady M (this bougie bakery known for crêpe layer cakes) installed a concrete ramp outside their location near me. A concrete ramp! During a pandemic! Oh, I shall plan many visits there.
  • I ordered a bunch of matcha drinks, and they all expired two weeks ago. Wtf, Cha Cha Matcha? And my email to their customer service address resulted in a “failed to send” message (because apparently that email address is no longer operational?). So, um, that’s not good.
  • Currently feeling: My sister’s moving away in three weeks. Guys, I’m going to be sad. Like, really sad. I’ll be doing deep dives into musical things or dissertation work. Or some combination of the two.
  • Currently looping: Weezer’s cover of “Lost in the Woods.” I cannot stress how much I adore this song.

Day Two Hundred and Fifty-Eight (11/25/20)

  • Did the FES cycle.
  • Watched more of “The Mandalorian.” Yeah, still not in love with it. I mean, it’s fine, but I watch and say things like, “Ah, they’re introducing these characters so that they can appear in a later episode” instead of, “Yesss, what next?” (which is how I was during all of “The Defenders” and “Legend of Korra”).
  • Spent about half an hour trying to figure out a harmony, only to realize that my microphone is picking up things differently today than it did the other day. Not sure why?? Also, the harmony is taking way longer than I thought it would to figure out. I mean, I have the notes, it’s just that I keep forgetting them once it’s time to record. Weird. The flute part ended up being a nice touch, at least.
  • Currently feeling: The holiday season is upon us. Break out the Charlie Brown Christmas album, pine-scented candles, and cookies. 
  • Currently looping: Floor Jansen covered “Let It Go” and I am just fangirling so hard. Queens covering queens. She makes it look so easy. And for those who have no idea who she is, Floor Jansen is the current lead singer of Nightwish. She mostly performs symphonic metal, but she could do literally any genre of music (including opera, because she is classically trained). SERIOUSLY. FANGIRLING. SO HARD. Just so you all know, I exclusively listen to holiday music during the holiday season. So get ready for lots of holiday playlist wonderment.

Day Two Hundred and Fifty-Nine (11/26/20)

  • Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  • Went to my sister’s place (my family’s been a pod this whole pandemic, no judging). My brother-in-law cooked the turkey (and made SomeGravy to go with it). My sister made stuffing and mashed potatoes. My mother made candied yams, cranberry sauce, and apple pie. I brought chocolate (and some new board books for my niece).
  • Got to read my niece some stories, go on an unsuccessful adventure for coffee (the coffee shops were all closed), and witness my mother give my sister a quarantine haircut. I think I’ll just keep growing mine out.
  • Once we broke out the pie, the holiday music began. Honestly, the holiday season starts when you hear the opening notes to “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” I shall return to non-holiday music in 2021.
  • Started to watch “Aquaman.” Kind of wish I had seen this in theaters. Also started watching “Titans” (and am definitely going to bed too late because this show is good). I’m a fan of anything “Teen Titans,” mostly because of Raven. She never let her quite literal demon take ahold of her.
  • Total times outside: Thirty-two!
  • Currently feeling: Thankful for my family, and that we have the privilege to quarantine safely. I’m thankful that we could be a pod, so there was no debate over whether or not we should have Thanksgiving together. I’m thankful that one side effect of the pandemic is that my sister could delay her west coast move for a few months (which means more sister time and more time with my niece; watching her get cuter and more observant over the past two years has been a gift). Thankful to live in the city I love.
  • Currently looping: Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Obvi.

Thanks so much for reading! Stay safe, wear a mask, and prepare yourselves for the next wave.

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